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Beyond Benchmarking: Unlocking Value for Utilities

This document helps utilities identify new, untapped datasets that are emerging related to the energy performance of buildings, and how this information can be applied to expand market intelligence and create business value. This is a deliverable from DOE's Better Building Energy Data Accelerator (BBEDA), a two-year partnership with cities and utilities to improve energy efficiency by making energy data more accessible to building owners.

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Evaluation of US Building Energy Benchmarking and Transparency Programs

This report provides a summary of U.S. Benchmarking & Transparency (B&T) policy design and implementation characteristics, reports results and impacts for jurisdictions with B&T policies, and discusses opportunities for increasing the efficacy of B&T policies, as well as suggested areas for further research. Put together by DOE's Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) and Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory (LBNL).

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Tools for State, Local, and Tribal Governments

Additional Tools

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ENERGY STAR Certification

Overview of EPA’s ENERGY STAR certification for buildings and a description of the energy performance standards set by EPA.

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ENERGY STAR Energy Performance Scorecard

Overview of the scorecard that offers a quick snapshot of a building’s energy performance, displaying either the building’s 1-100 ENERGY STAR score or site EUI.

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Exploring Building Performance Standards

This resource defines a BPS building performance standard and why these policies are enacted. It also shares general resources, as well as those specifically for local governments and building owners, and tenants.

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ENERGY STAR Buildings Support for State and Local Governments

Fact sheet providing an overview of how
EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Commercial and Industrial Branch serves as a partnership among private and public sector organizations to channel marketplace ingenuity, promote energy efficiency, and prevent pollution.

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Building Energy Benchmarking and Transparency: Overview for State and Local Decision Makers

EPA’s Benchmarking and Building Performance Standards Policy Toolkit aims to inform and support state and local government decision makers who are exploring policies to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from existing commercial and multifamily buildings in their communities. This section of the toolkit focuses on building energy benchmarking and transparency policies. It provides information about what is needed for these policies, lists key considerations for success, and demonstrates how government leaders have used benchmarking as an initial step for enacting building performance standards. The toolkit includes four sections—each intended to build on the previous section— that focus on different aspects of policy development

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This document provides jurisdictions with a new approach to shift their focus towards actual, measurable energy results and provides guidance for incorporating an outcome-based compliance path into current energy codes. The guide includes draft regulatory language as a framework around which jurisdictions can begin to align their energy goals through their building codes

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ENERGY STAR An Overview of Portfolio Manager

Guide describing some of ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager's basic functions, such as how to navigate through the tool, enter building data, and connect and share data with others.

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Model Stretch Code Provisions for a 20% Performance Improvement in New Commercial Construction

This summary document describes a set of code strategies that represent a 20% performance improvement for commercial buildings over the ASHRAE 90.1-2013 code baseline (and approximately similar savings over the IECC 2015 baseline).

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Moving Energy Codes Forward: A Guide for Cities and States provides critical steps to achieve significant code improvements through the adoption of stretch codes and provides a practical framework for implementing advanced codes and outcome policies. It offers guidance, resources and examples of advanced code adoption based on New Buildings Institute's stretch code development and adoption experience working with states and communities.

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