Seamlessly manage building performance standards and benchmarking data with BEAM.

BEAM is a cost-effective solution designed to help towns, cities, and states manage their building energy policy goals.

BEAM tracks compliance and streamlines the administration of policies including benchmarking and building performance standards (BPS).

Adjusting To Our Changing Energy Practices

Our energy practices are changing- and they’re changing quickly. More and more governments and private entities alike are signing on to an energy-conscious agenda, including energy performance standards in the building sector. Buildings subject to these building performance standards, or BPS, face a complex sequence of decisions to meet increasingly stringent consumption targets, which can leave building owners without a clear path forward.

A Better Way To Manage Data

because using spreasheets is not a viable option.
Tracking data for building energy rating policies can be time-consuming and resource intensive. BEAM removes these barriers by streamlining the process and can be used for projects both large and small.

With a model that will grow with your jurisdiction’s unique needs and targets over time, BEAM can streamline your compliance process and unlock the potential for meaningful emissions reductions. Our built-in CRM allows for easy and effective communication with building owners, and our optimization tool proposes personalized, data-driven solutions.

Roll Out New Policies With Ease

reduce complexity and streamline processes
BEAM facilitates the management of building benchmarking programs, both voluntary and mandatory, and building performance standards. BEAM allows cities to manage multiple requirements, timelines and compliance structures in parallel, allowing for a seamless rollout of new policies.

Built To Scale

BEAM grows with you and assists you at every step
The platform allows the city's policies to grow in complexity and ambition while remaining on the same system.

Understand & Improve

make data driven descions with BEAM’s analytics
BEAM provides advanced analytics to help both jurisdictions and building owners track and understand their progress towards these ambitious goals.



Build relationships with stakeholders and building owners via a built-in Helpdesk, Knowledge Base, custom email management, and more.

Building Optimizer

Model proposed efficiency measures and minimize investment costs over time while meeting a jurisdiction’s unique efficiency targets.

Connect with ESPM

Automatically pull building data from Energy Star Portfolio Manager while ensuring accuracy with tailored data quality checks.

Emissions Projections

Project forward-looking emissions by fuel types at a building and portfolio level while sharing data with building owners and city administrators alike.

Compliance Tracking

Track compliance with benchmarking and building portfolio standard policies from a city-wide, portfolio, or individual building view across multiple compliance cycles.

Portfolio Management

Enable building owners or managers to comply with local ordinances or track their own ESG goals.

Start meeting your energy goals today.

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