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Explore our curated collection of Builiding Performance Standards Resources to help policy makers create meaningful standards and building owners effectively understand and implement them.

Working with a Community Accountability Board to Co-Design Equitable Building Performance Standards

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Aligning Building Performance Standards and Energy Codes

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North American SEM Collaborative

Learn about strategic energy management initiatives across the country

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Benchmarking and Building Performance Standards Policy Toolkit

This toolkit from the EPA is meant to support jurisdictions seeking to decarbonize their building stock through policy. The toolkit includes four sections, each with their own focus: an overview of benchmarking and transparency, an overview of building performance standards (BPS), coordination of benchmarking and BPS for state and local governments, and data access. EPA staff encourages policymakers and other relevant players to get in touch for support - particularly concerning data access and Portfolio Manager use in BPS.

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Procedure for Measuring and Reporting Commercial Building Energy Performance

This document from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) establishes a standard method for monitoring and reporting on the energy performance of commercial buildings.

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ENERGY STAR Buildings Support for State and Local Governments

Fact sheet providing an overview of how
EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Commercial and Industrial Branch serves as a partnership among private and public sector organizations to channel marketplace ingenuity, promote energy efficiency, and prevent pollution.

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Providing Local Market Support for a Building Performance Standard

For cities exploring and implementing building performance standards, a high-performance building hub provides critical guidance, technical assistance, or access to available incentives to building owners, designers, contractors, and operators.

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