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Building Performance Standard Module: Housing Affordability

This document is meant as an introductory brief for jurisdictions working on BPS to develop strategies, policies, and programs that address housing affordability and counteract displacement in that context. There is no one-size-fits all solution to addressing the myriad of issues related to housing affordability across jurisdictions, but this document seeks to describe the landscape of considerations and propose vetted paths forward.

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Understanding the Housing Affordability Risk Posed by Building Performance Policies

The costs of building energy improvement could be prohibitive for many affordable multifamily property owners and managers, but exempting them misses an opportunity to decarbonize buildings and improve energy equity for residents. This paper identifies potential solutions for improved energy performance of affordable housing.

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Using Building Performance Standards to Advance Electrification

Electrification is a key component of a comprehensive city decarbonization strategy. How can cities use building performance standards to advance electrification?

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Flexibility with Building Performance Standards

Opportunities to Advance Demand This document is written to guide state and local governments that are developing a building performance standard in thinking through how it might encourage demand flexibility.

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Summary of IMT’s Model Ordinance for a Building Performance Standard

This document provides a high-level overview of the Institute for Market Transformation’s (IMT) model ordinance for a building performance standard (BPS).

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Model Ordinance for Building Performance Standards

IMT’s model ordinance is intended to provide the structural foundation for a strong BPS ordinance in any jurisdiction.

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Building Performance Standard Module: Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

This module is meant to provide a starting point for jurisdictions to engage with community members on building-related issues that are important to the community.

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A Lifecycle Approach to Building Performance Regulation

This document examines the missing link between energy codes and building performance standards and presents actions that cities can take to make progress towards a building lifecycle approach to regulation.

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Understanding the Business of Real Estate

Preparing for Building Policy: This resource aims to enhance city personnel perspectives on how the real estate industry functions—including how different market actors work together throughout the various phases of a building’s lifecycle—and foster more meaningful conversations with stakeholders.

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Providing Local Market Support for a Building Performance Standard

For cities exploring and implementing building performance standards, a high-performance building hub provides critical guidance, technical assistance, or access to available incentives to building owners, designers, contractors, and operators.

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